Tao Kung

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White Crane “Tao Kung” System
Flexibility * Structure * Focus * Strength *Awareness

“Tao Kung” training is the practice of a series of movements from Silat that work with internal energy.


Gentle Warm-ups
Short movements “Internal Focus”
Breathing System
Offers a complete integrated work out; physically, mentally, and energetically
(internally & externally). Promotes a positive attitude.
Improve physical coordination and mental acuity and focus.


Is a systematic body practice that is both gentle and progressive.   An “enjoyable” training

A Non-competitive training taught at the level of each student.
Works with the energetic flow of the bodies channels and meridians

Quote: “This practice is a good way to preserve health, suppleness,
strength building, fluidity, flow energy, and mind body connection”.
Pali, Senior French Instructor (White Crane Silat).

Quote:”Helps and effects the: Nerves system, Hormonal System, Stress and
Emotions, motoric and non-motoric system, Nerves directed to organs”.
Elizabeth Instructor (White Crane Silat),Certified Kinesiotherapist, London

Quote:”Health movements are practiced with a focus on sensitivity and suppleness, as well as breath. When practiced correctly, they offera wonderful feeling of vitality”.

The White Crane Health System was created by Gunawan Rahardja, the Grand
Master of White Crane Silat in Bogor, Indonesia. He created this system as a way of practice for people who want the health benefits of the White Crane system without martial training. The Health System training is recommended for people over 35.