PGB “White Crane Silat”

unknownPGB White Crane Silat is a holistic traditional martial arts system for people of all ages and abilities. Our practice includes short movements, long movements, partner exercises, sparring (Tui Ciu) exercises, and practical self defense techniques. These are based on the animal systems, including Crane, Snake, Monkey, Tiger, and Buffalo, the mythic Dragon style, as well as esoteric bodhisattva styles. We also have the White Crane Health System movements, which provide an invigorating but gentle practice for those wishing a less martial approach that still offers some of the health and relaxation benefits of the White Crane Silat training.

PGB White Crane Silat of Santa Cruz, California, is a branch of PGB-USA, the American region of Persatuan Gerak Badan (PGB) Pencak Silat Bangau Putih, of Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. PGB was founded in Bogor in 1952, and encompasses a unique Indonesian Silat synthesis of the original movement and technique of the Siauw Lim (Shoa Lin) White Crane styles. The PGB White Crane Silat system contains both preserved classical Siauw Lim technique, as well as further enhancements created and inspired by our founder, Suhu Subur Rahardja (1925-1986), and further developed by our current master teacher, Suhu Gunawan Rahardja. Developed and extended in the Indonesian context, our White Crane system is appropriately labeled as a form of Silat, identifying it as an Indonesian martial arts system.

PGB is a diverse community of international branches (see links below). PGB students meet for training regularly at their various branches, as well as at annual international retreats, seasonal regional retreats, and other special training opportunities at our headquarters in Bogor, the Pusat PGB Bangau Putih